Graffi... tea?

Lady. Closer to 30 than 20. My great loves include tea, graffiti, cursing/cussing/naughty words (in a couple languages), angry chefs, drinking/cooking/food to get drunk with, alcohol... lots of alcohol, SGC2C and Sifl & Olly. I love the art of animation and the magic of music.

My aspirations include becoming a witch. Or a ghost. Or a ghost who is also a witch. I keep waiting for the day that I can use supernatural creature puns in a sentence, and not have anyone bat an eye. "Well, for your DJINNformation!"

I am old and have fostered a relationship in many fandoms, so expect a mish-mash of fun stuff.

Having a bad day? Go through my Dog Day or Fuckin' Cats tag. You're welcome.

I run a few other blogs. You will love them.
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